18.07 - 30.09 jewellery // sculpture - EXHIBITION VIENNA

There is only the fine thread of wearability that separates jewellery from sculpture and art, one made to adorn the body one made to adorn the space. Yet on its own a piece of jewellery can present as a miniature scale sculpture only when combined with body giving an exciting new perception.

jewellery[ joo-uh l-ree, jool-ree ]
1. articles of gold, silver, precious stones, etc., for personal adornment.
2.any ornaments for personal adornment, as necklaces or cuff links, including those of basemetals, glass, plastic, or the like.

sculpture[ skuhlp-cher ]
1. the art of carving, modeling, welding, or otherwise producing figurative or abstract works of art in three dimensions, as in relief, intaglio, or in the round.
2. such works of art collectively.
3. an individual piece of such work.
verb (used with object), sculp·tured, sculp·tur·ing.
1. to carve, model, weld, or otherwise produce (a piece of sculpture).
2. to produce a portrait or image of in this way; represent in sculpture.
Join us for a drink at the opening reception of our first jewellery exhibition, featuring a selection of local and international jewellery artists.

WHERE : Bauernmarkt 8, 1010 Vienna
WHEN : 18.07 - 30.09 
6-9pm Thurs 18th Jul, Exhibition Opening, Drinks served

About the artists: 
Adriana Meida Meza 

Adriana's artistic work is focused on gender inequality. Through her work, she intends to break the taboo of female sexuality in a predominantly patriarchal society. Her pieces contain and visualize sexual taboos and connect to us by objectifying emotions, those from the maker and the observer. Her jewellery seeks to empower women by exalting the erotic as beauty, a healing principle, and the feminine essence. 

Alison Brown 

Alison Brown meshes the known with the unknown to create new ways of working, using sustainable techniques, mindful of resources and wastefulness. She incorporates the broken, rustic and the overlooked as conveyors of time and memory. As a bricoleur she see possibilities in the mismatch and discordance of these bits; using porcelain with a backstory of strength, purity, and expensive whiteness, subverting it with rusty metal bits, nails, causing a clash of ideas: dissonance. The discarded married with ethereal beauty. Transforming the commonplace: seeing something extraordinary in the ordinary.

Claudia Steiner   

Surface design, contrasts, form, nature, color, architecture, materiality, and hidden details are all common threads that run through Claudia's work. The most important element demonstrated in her pieces is the creation of space and contours in order to combine geometric and ornamental forms. 


Daixa Somed

Behind the Daixa Somed jewellery firm, there is the founder, the artisan and the designer Daixa Morro. This Majorcan woman living in Barcelona gives life to a brand that not only grows between handcrafted and exclusive designs, but also looks after a theme that is becoming more important today: sustainability. Daixa Somed is that brand where each design is its own, created by hand, one by one, from the design of the sketch to the creation of the final piece, following the most traditional processes of jewellery in combination with modern processes and most importantly, following the criteria of Ethical Jewellery, promoting long-term social and environmental sustainability. 



Ena Mulavdic and Ebrahim Mohammadian Elird are contemporary jewellery designers and makers at jewellery studio ELIRD. Their work explores life in every single way – from birth to death, with all the love, hate, happiness, sadness, excitement, good, bad, care, prosper, decline, lightness, darkness and numerous other conditions and situations that we all are exposed to during our lifetime. Each ELIRD creation is unique and inimitably designed, making them a significant art piece. Their unprecedented esthetics derives from a prosperous mélange of artistic and design skills, while freely using a wide variety of materials.


Eva Fernandez 

We live surrounded by an overflowing man-made world of objects which pass fleetingly through our lives without acknowledgement. Through Eva's work, she aims to help people appreciate the ordinary and our man-made surroundings by stimulating curiosity and perception. She achieves this by taking inspiration from our manufactured environment and moving ordinary objects (or features of them) out of their usual contexts or configurations to portray social and political matters. 


Gena Tudor

Gena Tudor is a contemporary jewelry artist from Bucharest, Romania who began her career on film sets among costumes and special effects at an early age. Her work is based on different types of metals and one of her favorite techniques is lost wax casting which gives her the possibility to create organic and fluid forms. 


Iro Kaskani

Iro Kaskani's work is based on continuous experimentation, either with the materials or techniques of the jewellery or with messages or concepts of its design. Iro sees jewellery as humans’ best companions. Jewellery accompanies us when we are alone or socializing with its aesthetics, materiality, and connotations that combine with its presence.



Lassy Fair

Behind the Brand Lassy Fair, is the designer Sabine Zechner.  In a unique combination of innovative design, traditional gold-smithing and modern production techniques, Lassy Fair creates pieces of jewellery that speak their own language. The design of each of her pieces starts with archetypal motifs, some of which, have already existed for centuries and have occurred in various cultures. Lassy Fair has taken scenes from fairy tales, myths, and legends that have been passed on from generation to generation, researching the meaning of various metaphors and drawing inspiration from the important ones. Her jewellery not only reflects these metaphors but also draws attention to pressing issues and underlying problems in society.


Lynne Speake


Lynne Speak, the founder of Precious Collective, lives on a boat in a tiny Cornish village surrounded by peeling paint, rusting metal, woodlands, rivers, and nature. Her 'wearable sculptures' relate directly to and are inspired by where she live and the environment she surrounds herself with.
It is important to Lynne to be as environmentally friendly as possible. She aims use materials she finds or that recycled or gifted. 



Mies Nobis

Mies Nobis is a conceptual jewellery label drawing on art, sculpture & fashion as inspiration. Australian born, Berlin based designer Millicent Nobis studied fashion design in Sydney, Australia before moving to Berlin where her label Mies Nobis was founded in 2012. Starting with inspiration taken from the shapes and forms of tribal jewellery; human and animal bone, horns and teeth and moving into study of human form; Romanesque muscles cut in marble and De Vinci's anatomical studies. Each collection reflects a fascination with the human form and its adornment as well as an experimentation with varying materials.


Robin Shelton

Robin Shelton's work showcases his thorough understanding of not only of the conceptual, historical, and aesthetic frameworks within which a piece of work fits, but also of the traditional techniques of making in order to convey these concepts. His practice has continued to explore and intertwine these inextricable tenets to this day and although his output of jewellery is diverse, the theme that holds all his pieces together as a whole is the skilled execution of personal belief, concept, philosophy, and preference. Through this command, Robin aims always to produce objects which are both beautiful and thought-provoking.


Seth Damm

Seth Damm is the founder of the brand, Neon Zinn. His jewellery focuses on the unseen potentials in various substances. When he began to consider rope as more than an everyday utilitarian material, he set his mind to experimenting with its wearable possibilities. Early simple knotted loops evolved into more intricate patterns incorporating hidden stitches, intentional application of dye color, and tightly bound lengths of rope using yarn and wire. As Seth navigates his way through the landscape of art, fashion, and design his focus remains centered on the human aspect of design. An item of jewellery can be a strong aspirational signifier and one comprised of rope is a complex statement, one that embraces peculiarity, hidden strength, and unexpected lightness and beauty.



The artist/designer behind STUDIO MËGĀDEŠK, Elva Olafsdottir, builds upon her background of growing up in the Icelandic highlands and her training at European art academies as she weaves together a narrative of nature and contemporary human condition in a playful yet sophisticated manner. Using materials such as porcelain, that lasts through centuries and may be discovered by archeologists in the future, together with concepts of cross cultural references and evolutionary speculations.

Susanne Hammer

Susanne Hammer's works are characterized by a clear, minimalist designs however, in many cases they seem experimental, treading on the border of visual arts. Through her jewellery, tradition is questioned critically and ironically, and the familiar is analyzed and reinterpreted, providing the viewer and prospective wearer with new ways of seeing and wearing her pieces.