Applications are now open for the 3rd Edition of Artist Curated Jewellery Exhibition. Merging the worlds of Art + Jewellery, the third instalment in this ongoing series will be presented in our Berlin based showroom from September to November alongside an exhibition of the artists work.

As with our previous exhibitions we aim to disregard the borders between Art, Fine & Fashion jewellery, pushing forward simply with our appreciation of design in the form of jewellery and looking to give artists of both disciplines opportunities in the each alternative world.

Previous Exhibitions:

Curated By. (The Artist) -  Berlin

Jewellery // Sculpture - Vienna
About the Artists

Our work is a balance between art and commerce. We produce for the need of a client and we often face the needs of the market. The commercial and digital aspect acts more an more into the evolution of our photography. The pictures we create are seen in a smaller quality and scale (e.g. social media via a small screen), we are asked to produce in series, clients thinks first about the distribution of an image rather than the image itself, they want us to shoot in digital and bring the analog flair afterwards. Less noise, less analog, more digital, no printing techniques involved anymore.

We wanted to go back to the texture, print, divide the colour layers of our images, understand what makes them powerful, summarise their data and just do everything that we can’t do when we have to sell our images to brands.

“Underside” documents this research as it goes along, questioning its own status as a photograph. This process is used as an investigation; about experiments pushing the limits of a photograph, its norms and its legibility. We are interested in the process, not just the finished product. How an image can be powerful in its other side. It shows the quality of the pictures, it simplify it. It is a reaction, a desire to create, to reply to the visual normalisation of nowadays. Bring the eye of the viewer with our filter.


Arnaud Ele & Laura Knoops - @eleknoops @arnaud.ele @knoops



Concept Call-out : 'An imprint'

"This curation is all about the duality, a fingerprint of two universes in one piece of Jewellery & Art. They meld disparate aesthetics, influences, genres, even daily rhythms, aided by a kind of radical receptivity to one another and the outside world.

Jewellery as a certain textural depth, a rough feeling, an adding of layers, forged, casted, including a printing feel.

The main attribute is that they are reflecting the imprint or stamp (a mark or outline) on a surface."

Submission details.
Submissions can be a single work or series of up to 3 works that present together, the work will be exhibited during the period at AA-COLLECTED in the district of Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Submission fee is €60 (netto), jewellers will receive prompt reply if you have been selected or not, along with details on payment & shipping your items.
Materials and size of work is open, but innovative/unusual materials and practices will be favoured.

Previously produced works or detailed sketches of work to be made both accepted, concept explained in mission statement should link to brief.
Please send email with 1-3 images of the work(s) or detailed technical drawing with material and execution outlined alongside a mission statement about the work approximately 200 words.

Works will be for sale during the period with 30% commission taken on netto sales price.


Selected Jewellers Receive
⁃ Opportunity to showcase and sell in our retail showroom and online platform 
- Feature in Event post on Klimt02
⁃ High resolution images of your work in our event photos.
⁃ Inclusion in exhibition Opening Reception event mid June with drinks and event photographer.
⁃ Promotion across our social network platforms.

Key Dates
01.09 - 28.11.20 - Exhibition Dates
29.08 - Application Deadline
01.09 - Final Participants announcement
12.09 - Deadline for receiving work
16.09 - Opening Reception

Please send applications to info@aa-collected.com