INTERFÉRENCE— A Film by Arnaud Ele & Laura Knoops

Love to share with you this amazing work featuring Mies Nobis SS18 Collection.

"In this film, imagery that is simultaneously epic and poetic shade into visual waveforms to produce an intimate portrayal of the relationship between a woman and her accessories. Interférence explores how jewellery is used to articulate aspects of the self. Sometimes, you wear a piece and it feels natural, sometimes it is the contrary. You have to get use to the piece of jewellery or to the shape of a cloth."


"This process of acceptation comes with your skin sensibility."
TEAM — Credits
DIRECTOR: Arnaud Ele — @arnaud.ele—
ART DIRECTION: Laura Knoops — @knoops —
Mikka @girlsclubmgmt
Janna @modelfabrik_berlin
STYLIST: Rudolfs A. Packevics — @packevics—
MAKE-UP & HAIR ARTIST: Melanie Hunger —@melaniehunger_hm —
EDITOR: Arnaud Ele
CO-EDITOR & VFX: Laura Knoops