29.11 Private Rooftop Sale - RSVP NOW

Open Air Design Luxury

Hosted by a team of local arts and craftsman in attempt to counteract the fatal consequences of COVID19 on our work.
With an aim to be proactive and encourage people to discover and buy work on a small but fine scale.

Support us by treating yourself to something exceptionally fine - at a time when creative professionals have the hardest time.

Our Private Roof Market complies with Corona regulations, as it is located on a spacious roof terrace in the fresh air, which you can access briefly through the apartment. Hygiene rules are observed. Entry only with mask and hand disinfection (available). Registration by accreditation and signature at the entrance. Distances and fluctuation are prepared and observed. Corona concept and common sense are therefore the basis – still participation is always at your own risk.

Come by - for art and for happiness.
Open Event, but by accreditation only. Admission is free.

@parspralinen // www.parspralinen.com Chocolaterie - Kristiane
@oumyorganics Care Cosmetic - Oumy
@fabulousd1y // www.fabulousd1y.com Carpenter - Fabian
@miesnobis // www.miesnobis.com Goldsmith - Millicent
@aacollected www.aa-collected.com Design Accessories - Millicent
@friendlyfurberlin // www.friendlyfur.de Accessories/Interior Accessories - NiKOLAS
@studio_cuze // www.studio-cuze.com Ceramics - Cuze

@engee.berlin // www.engee.de Object Art - NG
@lacybarry // www.lacybarry.com Paper Art - Lacy

Warm drinks are also offered.
Please register at info@aa-collected.com for the private address. 

At an extreme weather forecast the event will be canceled on short term by e-mail.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Yours, Millicent, Fabian, Oumy, Kristiane, Cuze, Lacy and our host Nikolas