I SEE YOU - Art Exhibition by Celso Yok Chan // Wed 3rd May

Celso Yok Chan is a Mozambican artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. With a background in Finance and Environmental Management, he has lived and travelled all over the world, spending much of his time in New York, London, and Washington, DC. He uses fine ink pens and watercolour, and has showcased his work in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Maputo.

Exhibition & drinks in store.

3rd May, 6 - 9pm


Skalitzerstrasse 77, 10997 Berlin

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"Coffee shops have been described by some as the ‘third space’ – the world between work and home where many of us are spending more and more of our time. We see people, we get to know them, and we form bonds across geographic and other lines. This exhibition, entitled “I See You,” is about that third space and the people who inhabit it. Drawing on themes of connection and discovery, these paintings are part of a series painted in coffee shops and ‘third spaces’ in New York and London in 2016. Some of them explore the relationships between us that can happen in these spaces, and some are about the desire for connection that may escape us. Barriers include technology and the differences between us. These works express a desire to break down these barriers and allow people to see one another in everyday life."