12.09 - 30.11 jewellery // sculpture II Exhibition VIENNA

As part of Vienna City Gallery Walk we are pleased to invite you to the Opening reception of the second instalment of our Art Jewellery Exhibition series 'jewellery // sculpture' curated and hosted by AA COLLECTED

Join us for a glass of bubbles to view our new selection of Sculptural jewellery works from International artists.

Alongside our photo project featuring local artists of all disciplines shot by Alan Bayer & styled by Maya Chan wearing our exhibition pieces.

WHERE : Bauernmarkt 8, 1010 Vienna
WHEN : 6-9pm Thurs 12th Sep
WHAT : Exhibition Opening, Drinks served
 About the Artists:
 Studio Lux, Australia 

Marika started her creative career as a stone sculptor and has since explored a range of materials in her artistic practice and more recently has focused on jewellery making. In 2017 Marika established Studio LUX, a jewellery studio located in the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, Australia. Marika’s interest is in creating bold works that challenge concepts of traditional jewellery design. 


Laia Varela, Spain 

When creating her jewelry, Laia Varela looks for beauty, her idea of beauty. Her jewelry pieces express her personality: simple, natural, uncluttered, true to the idea of "less is more”. Her designs are timeless, minimalist and geometric designed for sophisticated people. Curious by nature, she tries to get the juice of everything around her. Architecture, sculpture, photography, painting, ... these are some of her sources of inspiration. Behind each piece there is a previous work of reading, visualization, lectures... on various topics and interests of the author.


Xihan Zhai, China

Xihan Zhai is a Chinese artist who focuses on the research of fog based on nature and culture. She works with diverse media such as installations, videos, photography and material based jewellery. She uses opaque materials to express her experience with hazy fog. She has exhibited her artwork in China, Greece, Spain, Poland, Italy, and Norway. She thinks of her artwork as a partner that can take her to experience and discover the world. 




Jewellery TJ, Croatia 

Jewellery TJ was created for the love of form and design, and this love is carried through the production of jewelry more than 18 years now. Every piece of jewelry; necklace, bracelet or ring is made by hand and approached individually, making each piece of jewellery TJ a unique one. Acting in synergy with people, the designer of this brand seeks to create positive changes through the production of beautiful and unique jewelry. 



Arianaz Design, Iran

With academic backgrounds in Sculpture, Psychology and Jewelry design, Arianaz Dehghan developed her own brand “Arianaz Design” in 2014 and has been working as an independent jewelry designer since then. Being fascinated by local lives and stories, Arianaz found herself committed to create authentic artworks which is not only visually appraised by the modern art lovers but also is a reflection of an ethical culture or lifestyle.


Larry Watson, USA

With almost 40 years of experience in engraving and jewelry design, L.S. Watson brings his expertise to the wholesale marketplace with the debut of his new collection called Minimal Surfaces. His background includes working extensively with prestigious retailers such as Neiman Marcus to create high-quality jewelry for their discerning customers. His design expertise has resulted in commissions from the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


Bin Shehab Saadah, Saudi Arabia 

Bin Shehab Saadah's work is about “everything!” Her works are her voice, a powerful interpretation of her deepest thoughts, hidden emotions, fears and interests. Her jewellery is inspired by her daily life and attempt to make sense of the world. Her pieces express her wishes and dreams for a better world, as they portray her celebrations of happy occasions, sadness, and frustration, as she explores life’s dualities.


Claudia Rannow, Germany

Claudia Rannow is a trained freelance artist and designer based both in Berlin and Vienna. As an artist, she has the great opportunity to move freely in all disciplines available. Her wealth of experience includes theatre work, stage and costume, jewellery design, exhibition design, object construction, gilding, photography, drawing and text work. Her inspiration draws from words, pictures, objects, situations, or really anything.


Carolina Silva, Chile 

Based in Chile, Carolina Silva specializes in contemporary jewelry. Carolina transforms her studies, contemplation, and conceptual analysis into portable and exponible objects.


Boya Yu, China

Boya Yu presents contemporary jewellery where she is working in the ‘third space’; a place between Chinese and Western cultures. Her aim is to extend insight - though hybrid work – charting connections between the aesthetic traditions of Western and Chinese cultures; including shared interests in areas including simplicity of form.



Having an engineering background and experience in managerial positions of export marketing & sales for years, Istanbul (Turkey) based jewelry designer Ebru Yūksel decided to follow her dreams and founded the brand ‘Style & Soul’. Her rebellion is towards the everyday rush and consumption in huge amounts, with no appreciation at all. She describes her works that; “against this complexity, proudly on the contrary, focus and simplicity is just where my designs are based on. During the production of one-of-a kind handmade pieces, time stands still in the presence of flame and patience is a must. You just have to stop in the rush and watch the metal flowing as if it is dancing with the flame”.


Yael Kaduri, Israel 

In jewelry, Yael finds a special way of expression. The possibility of inserting a whole world, ideas and meanings, within a relatively small object is what fascinates her. The so called "jewel" of her work combines accuracy, enigmatic essence and delicacy with communication and body-awareness. Her theoretical background and fascination of nature are her sources of inspiration. Reflective research is a point of departure for her intuitive creation.



Sława Tchórzewska, Poland

From Poland, Sława Tchórzewska makes whimsical, colourful and label-defying pieces. While suggesting everyday experiences, her jewellery is just as comfortable in a haute couture environment. She uses conventional and alternative materials such as foil, plastic, wood, resin etc., and she is an expert in Baltic Amber. Influenced by nature, she relies on those experiences that touch her soul to inspire her jewellery. Always colourful, never dull, wearing them inspires confidence.



GENOS Gioielli, Venezuela

Born in Caracas in 1969, Adriana Del Duca grew up in a thriving cultural period filled with experiences and contemporary artworks. She dedicates herself to theater research, cinema, writing, and her love for non-traditional jewelry. Deciding to further her jewelry passion, in 2014, Adriana channeled her creative potential in a single artistic path: contemporary jewelry and became the primary designer of the label Genos Gioielli.