14.11 Jewellery // Sculpture III

Join us for a drink at the opening reception of
AA COLLECTED 's 3rd and final edition of jewellery exhibition 'jewellery//sculpture' at BACHT Showroom, featuring a selection of local and international jewellery artists.

WHERE : Bauernmarkt 8, 1010 Vienna
WHEN : 6-9pm Thurs 14th Nov
WHAT : Exhibition Opening, Drinks served

There is only the fine thread of wearability that separates jewellery from sculpture and art, one made to adorn the body one made to adorn the space. Yet on its own a piece of jewellery can present as a miniature scale sculpture only when combined with body giving an exciting new perception.
About the Artists:
Small Scale Jewellery, Portugal
Behind the brand, Small Scale Jewellery is designer Maria Lobo. Somewhere between travels, becoming the mother of two and the teachings of a very close jeweller friend, Maria discovered the potential, secrets and beauty of jewellery which she has been creating over the past three to four years. Jewellery makes it possible to have that special treasure with you all the time, to make a statement, to show a feeling… it has endless possibilities. For Maria, creating is and has always been a reinterpretation of reality, transforming, distorting, making poetry. More or less like in a dream.
Molly Wang, China
No centrality, no hierarchy, no expectation, no restriction.
Molly's work is inspired by her passion for metalsmithing as it’s a low-tech and slow process allows for a more intimate relationship between her and her pieces. She enjoys the possibility of changing and creative freedom during making. They’re not planned nor can be fixed to a singular form. From the signifier to the signified, she creates the rhizome pieces to tell an expanding way of thinking and making, rather than the simple right way. She encourages wearers to experience the creative making process by observing and wearing her pieces in diverse ways without expectation and enjoy the freedom of wearing.
Steve Alexis, USA

Jeweller, Steve Alexis seeks to communicate ingrained notions of desire through his work, a longing both insatiable and unguided. Corresponding with this urge, he intends to sway and turn with this feeling, responding through the act of making. Steve is unable to leave this drive unaddressed. Thus, paradoxically enough, he makes to realize why he makes. By recontextualizing and elevating the mundane, Steve hopes to portray notions of influence and fervor through sculptural jewelry forms.


 Nicole Bauer, Germany

Minimalistic and pure, this is how the current work of Nicole Bauer presents itself. Expansive pieces, reduced only to the line, create a connection with the wearer, resulting from their flexible links and the lightness of the material. Its charm lies in the simplicity of its construction. Dispensing with all additives, the recurring elements are linked together unfussy and nearly invisible to geometric-graphic outlines.


 Anne G.wels, France

After 5 years of studies in jewelry at Amblard school (valence)  Anne Genin started her brand Anne G.wels. Anne finds joy in testing materials and always trying to challenge herself with new experiments. The main subjects of her work are Intimacy and Movement. Anne enjoys the interactions with jewels, and the ability to give them life. In her submission to AA-Collected's Jewellery // Sculpture III exhibition, Anne's work is a collaboration with her life's partner Leonardo Ferro. 




Emma Carrau Bueno, the designer behind FRAMMENTI DESIGN, was born in Barcelona. Moving to Milan she began a personal research on the contamination between fashion, art and design, driven by the desire to create a discipline without boundaries where all these elements can be merged.
Jewellery thus becomes a way to experiment and search for new spaces, surfaces and shapes.
"Frammenti" is a project of thoughts related to memory and time, a journey combining architecture and nature, geometry and imperfections.


 Ritva Kara, Finland

Ritva Kara a Finnish carpenter, jewellery designer and artist. Her works are jewelry, small objects and mosaics. Ritva's expression is characterized by curved organic shapes and colorful. Intuition, play and skilful handling of materials are reflected in all of her works. To Ritva, it is important that jewellery are not only aesthetically pleasing but also actually wearable.



 Anouck Van Puyvelde, Belgium 

Anouck's designs are inspired by the transitoriness and the beauty of wear and tear. She sees the perfect in the imperfect. Structures in her daily life, such as a cracked tile or a rusty piece of metal, fascinate and inspire her. With Anouck's designs she aims to make people aware of the beauty of the imperfect. She wants to prove that it can be equally beautiful, or even more beautiful.



  STEELVOLL, Austria 

Born in Budapest, jewellery designer and photographer Gabriella Nandori is the face behind the label STEELVOLL. She lives and works in Vienna and constantly creates new forms and expressions of art. 



 Anna Zeibig, Hungary

Anna Zeibig is an interior designer turned jewelry artist. In her work she constantly searches for new materials and new techniques which excite her. Anna can be inspired by nature, architecture or even an object like a lamp, a piece of furniture, or just a simple texture. Her visual education in interior design helps her to find a way to express a story or a feeling in an object.



 Sadâ, Turkey

Sadâ is a textile and clothing designer who designs products that will not harm the environment, the human body and living things. She started her career designing clothes for children. Later, she designed fabric collections for many factories to be sold in Turkey and abroad. She is still producing freelance fabric printing designs. She has learned craft techniques (filigree, pearl inlay and fret saw cutting work) from jewelry masters for over four years. And she produced her own jewelry collections.



 Nahiot Hernandez, Italy

Nahiot Hernandez is a brand based in Stroncone-Italy created by the Architect and Jewellery Designer Nahiot Hernandez. Originally from Venezuela and since 2011 in Italy, collaborating with the haute couture collections in Rome and Milan. She created her own brand in 2017. A brand that combines handicraft with contemporaneity characterized by the use of geometric forms as an essential part of each object, making use of different materials depending on the formal aspect that she want to obtain from each one. Based on the experimentation of conventional materials that through their elaboration generate innovative pieces.



 Meristema Lab, Italy

Blurring boundaries among disciplines, Merıstėma Lab, founded by Annarita Bianco, is a experimental design studio. As in an alchemist laboratory, matter changes, substances melt, materials transform and suggestions coming from different field merge to assume a different state. Such as meristem - vegetal tissue containing undifferentiated cells -  any concept could take a shape that crosses traditional design field: jewellery, graphic design or interior setting that hybridates traditional craft and technological progress, analogical and digital, biological and artificial.



 AVE Concept Jewelry, Germany

Anna van Eck is a jewelry and object designer. Trained as a goldsmith and retailer she found her passion in creating concepts for people to discover. With her designs she likes to surprise people with forms that contain unknown importance. Her products aim to become ones favorite. She created a typography where one can watch each letter turn into readable forms by repositioning their own lines. Letters are forms and forms are letters. Anna van Eck likes to combine digital and analog techniques. Going back and forth creating and crafting models with her hands, drawing or printing them on the computer, using all her skills to come up with a desirable piece.



 Yu-Chi Chang, Taiwan

Brought up in Taiwan, YuChi combines oriental ideas with a western design aesthetic. Wood is the main material, which she then combines with silver and resin. “The purpose of interlaying silver into wood is to express symbiosis relating to human life, or the water that nourishes natural forms that occur on wood, like moss. – in YuChi’s work she aims to combine oriental cultural ideas with western design aesthetics.”



 Charlotte Parent, France

Charlotte Parent is a jeweler living in Marseille. Her inspiration often starts with nature. Then, each piece is the opportunity for a small travel of research and exploration. Dealing with forms, structures, volumes, materials, she likes to be surprised, and this path is a way to tell a story. Through the very sculptural aspect of her jewels, she aims at transmitting physical sensations.




JF PROJECT is a brand born in Mantua from Italian jeweller Jessica Grespi alongside Francesca Grespi. JF PROJECT is a contemporary jewelry collection that combines the tailoring tradition with the research for unique design accessories. Every single piece holds a memory, a feeling, a part of yourself. Every jewel is unique and totally handmade.



 Arson Metal, Germany

Arson Metal is a metal workshop project started by Xavier Stentz-Baumler in 2018. Alongside the production of handcrafted objects, Arson Metal explores the different possibilities of constructing narratives using design, documentation and mixed media techniques.



  Sofie Van Belle, Belgium

From her background as a visual artist and knowledge of techniques and materials, Sofie Van Belle's own visual language rose and ultimately translated into jewellery creation. Her work initially starts from rational thinking, but as the process progresses, intuition and feeling play an increasingly important role. The properties and limitations of the material also influence the end result.




SURI is an identity conceived and created by Giulia Vecchiato. It is both a brand and an idea consisting of contemporary jewelry featuring unique handmade pieces. The pieces of SURI are inspired by everything that concerns, influences, and moves fashion and contemporary art.



 AQTO Design, Italy

Behind the AQTO brand is the eclectic figure of the Italian Piero Acuto, musician, composer and graphic designer; Piero is an artist who manages to use, in an almost subliminal way, worlds and single elements only apparently unapproachable. This stylistic code, we find, in the AQTO collection: a set of singular jewels created, even before by the hands, from a careful eye to the transforming potentialities of the objects of common use. After a rigorous artisan procedure, without the use of welding or casting, this metamorphosis of materials ends in strictly unique jewels.



 Sara Marzialetti, Italy

Sara is an Italian jewellery artist who studied contemporary jewellery arts and crafts in Copenhagen (DK), coming from a previous background as a natural scientist. Sara enjoys playing with the power of jewellery to adorn and provoke curiosity, shaping communication between wearers and observers. She conceives while in a sculptural way, little wearable pieces of art, containers of stories and poetry. She expresses herself in both graphical and organic pieces, often playing with the properties of metals and other materials to naturally express different textures and colours. The natural world and its shapes are an endless source of inspiration for her creations.



 Mervi Kurvinen, Finland

In many of Mervi Kurvinen's works the inspiration comes from everyday observations and experiences. In her art she uses powerful contradictions and combinations and loves to find precious from worthless. Mervi Kurvinen quotes Dr Seuss: `In my world, everyone ́s a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies ́.



 Yael Frankel, Israel

 Yael Frenkel is a jewish-israeli woman, a jewelry designer and jewelery maker. Yael views jewelry as something that defines the wearer in a certain way. It is a form of expression less permanent than a tattoo but more so than clothing. Most of her work consist of symbols and familiar icons that she merges together to create a hybrid that carries a new message. The mechanism of Yael's jewelry is ergonomic and directly body related as the body of the wearer completes the whole story.

Thank you everyone for coming and making this event a success! 





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