Interview // COALESCED

Behind the brand COALESCED is the Berlin-based designer  Friedenand Johannes Waeschle. His jewellery is quite raw and brutal. It is meant to look unique and artisanal. COALESCED is about connecting and coalescing with ourselves, our planet and our deep desires.
What are your life essentials/ what do you carry with you all the time?
 I don’t need that much with me.. some cigarettes, credit cards ’n cash and my phone I think.. I have a necklace which I’m wearing all the time.
Who was your most previous text/call to and what about?
To my girlfriend and mother of my unborn son - I send her a picture of the concrete floor in the new home we’re building.
Last meal you would eat?
That meal would include a lot of dishes, I love food even more than my jewellery and I would cook together with my brothers some crazy cousin..
Most influential person in your life?
Hard to say - but even we do not have contact my sister is with me all the time.
Tried and true methods against creative block?
Acid works fine. But going for a walk outside, in between wild nature works as well. Combinations do exist.
What are some inspiration things, designs, artists, music, sites that you find yourself re-visiting often?
I travel and I dream. I try to keep myself inspiring myself.
If you could have 3 people for dinner, dead or alive, who would you invite?
hmm, I wanna know how Rick is like and I would invite Jimmy to talk to him. And I would have Isy with me to watch.

"I travel and I dream."

Favorite cities? Why?
I like Berlin as a lively playground for everyone, I like Paris for all its tastes and the “city” of Hohenbrünzow cause I’m dreaming about a somehow different future.
Favorite drinks?
Gin basil smash & good vine
I like cats and actually all animals, I like gold and silver - I dislike annoying persons telling me things I don’t care about.