Interview // Figure of A

Figure of A is an accessories brand inspired by Japanese rope bondage - Shibari, designed by rope artist and fashion designer, Anna Kii. After practising rope bondage for 4 years, Anna’s idea of wearable Shibari was born - tying together her passion for Shibari and design. Figure of A translates traditional rope patterns used for binding the body to clothes and accessories, where rope has both a functional and decorative purpose.
How did you get into rope bondage and Shibari at first?
 I travelled to Japan twice and fell in love with the country and the culture. I reinforced my interest in Shibari as it stands for so many things in Japan; skills, craftsmanship, structure, obsession with aesthetics and its weirdness. From then I took classes and courses in London where I found a dedicated Shibari studio which has weekly classes and workshops with famous riggers. There is also jams, meetups, club nights you name it! In the community, consent is an important topic; all interactions should be mutually wanted.
What does shibari represent to you?
Binding the body is a connection, it makes the person in ropes feel a variety of things, ranging from feeling submissive to powerful, enjoyment of the movement and restriction of the body in ropes. Many people say it feels like being ‘hugged’. Generally wearing FoA pieces is like having a secret story to tell and being part of it and therefore feeling special.
Where did you get the inspiration for wearable shibari?
Traditional rope patterns used for binding the body translate to clothes and accessories, where rope has both a functional and decorative purpose. FoA pieces look like they are tied, but they clip on and off without doing the work!
Your products are beautiful to wear and alse use, as the rope has both a functional and decorative purpose, can you give some suggestions on how to use your products?
Harnesses look great over a bodycon dress or top, and especially over a white shirt. Other accessories as chokers and bags work with anything, since they don’t scream ‘bondage’ but only have a subtle hint, and the elaborate ropework speaks for itself anyway!
Can you tell us a bit about your future products? 
We are constantly working on new products, sampling items which can work with rope. In 2019 we are looking to launch a new collection of accessories and branch out into homeware and printed garments. Also, expect many collaborations, pop-ups and exhibitions as well!