Interview // Laetitia Michal

"As a team AA- grows and try's new things every year. This time, we are excited to be part of Bikini Berlin Boxes and introduce some new designers to our fold as part of our team there. Meet Laetitia Michal, French- British designer living and working in Berlin. Her work plays with dualities, between the traditional art of felting and the modernity & minimalism of shapes, as well as between textures of wool, fabric and their structure when they intertwine."
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AA: What are your life essentials--What do you carry with you at all time?
LM: I always carry a lip solve and my quartz soothing stone around with me. That stone is an essential, it makes me calm and happy!
AA: Who was your most previous text/call to and what about?
LM: Precious : Every time I speak to my brother who is a sailor. Catching up is precious.
Previous : Last message was to a friend to organize buying the Boom festival tickets for this summer.


AA: Last meal you would eat?
LM: Anything with avocado, or fish taco from La lucha in Berlin!
AA: Most influential person in your life?

"Strong people in general, no one in particular. People who dare, care and believe."

AA: Tried and true methods against creative block?
LM: Chilling for a moment, taking a step back. Laughing and breathing.
AA: What are some inspiration things, designs, artists, music, sites that you find yourself re-vistiting often?
LM: I definitely visit Instagram quite a lot and have found it a great platform to discover amazing people and works from which I get inspiration.
I also generally find a lot of inspiration in minimalism of form, simplicity, monochromatic shapes, textures through all mediums.
Music is also a constant help when designing or producing. My favorites at the moment are Ibeyi, Blackroc and Oumou Sangare.

AA: If you could have 3 people over for dinner, dead or alive, who would you invite?
LM: If i were to have dinner with 3 people it would be Grace Wood from Grace Wood wool studio, Joseph Beuys and Vivienne Westwood. They could all be of great advice regarding wool, concepts and fashion !
AA: Favorite cities? Why?
LM: I'm more of a country girl but I am definitely in love with Berlin for its freedom, open spaces and people. I also really like London, I think its a cosy place.
AA: Favorite drinks?
LM: Biozisch Matcha. Yummmyyyyy! And wine.


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