Interview // Mimikra

Mimikra is a label by Kinga Sulej from Poland. It offers silver jewellery hand made from thin silver sheet and patinated black. The jewellery is inspired by delicate natural forms that assume dangerous shapes to repel predators. The design is modern and geometric, resembling origami figures.


 AA: Introduce yourself and your work?

M: My name is Kinga Sulej, I graduated from Warsaw Goldsmithing School "Wytwórnia Antidotum". Silver is my favourite material, I work on very thin sheets which I bend into 3D shapes.

AA: What is the main inspiration behind your work?

"I am inspired mainly by nature, especially by its more unusual forms, as well as photographs by Blossfeldt and pictures drawn by the naturalist Ernst Haeckel."

AA: What is it like be a designer in this current climate?

M: Due to the rise of internet it is much easier to get through to a larger audience. On the other hand one has to cope with a much stronger competition.

AA: What direction is fashion heading?

M: I think we have become much more aware of our environment and the fashion industry started to pay attention to animal rights, fair trade rules as well the wellbeing of their own models. 

AA: Why Berlin?

M: My work is niche and quirky and Berlin has always seemed to me open to original ideas. 

AA: Describe your brand's model customer.(Who are they)

 "I think my customers have to be confident, know what they like, perhaps slightly  eccentric and not solely trend-orientated."

AA: Are collaborations important you? If so who would you want to collaborate with?

M: So far I have worked individually but I am open to collaboration with designers whose aesthetic agrees with mine.

AA: How do you feel about the need to be present in social media? Does it ruin creativity?

M: Social media does not limit creativity, on the contrary, to be visible among all it proposes you have to have something interesting to show and it requires a more profound search for means of expression.

AA: Does talent still matter as much nowadays or is it just about branding?

M: Talent is always important but it is difficult to deny that marketing is a large part of success and those who have the means to invest in it stand a bigger chance to win. 

AA: How can creativity be nurtured, what is the source of your creativity?

M: I have always been fascinated by flora and fauna. I live in the countryside, take long walks in the forest and simply observe. This seems to be the main nourishment for my imagination. 

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