Interview // M'y Art

Yohanes Designer who was Born and Growing up in Indonesia , eastern culture side and now lives in Europe ,in the city of Basel -Switzerland, always interested in the diversity of Cultures, Ethnicities, Architecture and high artistic tastes from all over the world. his start to designing since 2013 and start to build his own label M`y art .

M`y Art means combining art and fashion in a unique combination and building a new character. M`y Art is more than just a label with the desire to continuously develop the brand by combining elements from high fashion, youth culture, art, architecture and music.

M`y Art shows fresh, relaxed silhouettes that are artistic and timeless and reflects the influence of the aesthetics of the East.

Where are you originally from?

I'm originally from Indonesia and have Swiss natonality.

What are some inspiration things,design, artist,music,sites that your find youre self re-visiting often ?

My most inspiration for my design is Nature and I love to visit some museum, library, traveling to visit a new place that I had never been. 
Artist (paul klee, joan miro,picasso,max ernst,saha hadid), listening a classic/favorite music and talk to people about art, music etc.

"Talk to people about art and music is an inspiration for me" 

Like / dislike ?

I like : Cat, koi Fish, bird of paradise, good food, sense of humor, traveling, playing gitar, sewing, designing, having a conversation with other artist.

Dislike : arrogant people, disrespectful ,discrimination, racist, war.

Tried and true methods against creative block?

Take some break time, listen a good/favorite music, take a walk at some quite place, talk to people (new or a good friends).

"Against creative block I like take a walk at some quite place."

Favorite drinks?

Coffe, tee ( black, green etc), pinacolada, mocktail mixing with some fresh fruit.

Last meal you would eat?

The best spagetty menu in the world.

Most influential person in your life?

My parent, specially my mother.

Favorite cites? why?

Venedig : the city for relaxing to get some new inspiration.
Paris: explore every a small corner and always find a great local designer shop.
Berlin: just want feel freedom to walk arround the city to meet some interesting people.

"Venedig is one of my favorite city because is the city for relaxing and to get some new inspiration."

What are your life essentials—What do you carry with you at all time?

I carry my wallet, handy.

Tell us your daily rituals: Weekday vs weekend?

During the week im studying mode-design as im a student at mode design in Switzerland, now its my 3rd year. During weekend I working in the private foundation/ organisation.

"During the week im studying mode-design."