Interview // Nobahar Design

Milan based Persian designer Sogand Nobahar after several experiences and courses in design, decided to starther label Nobahar Design Milano.

On the 8th of March2017,international women day, she presented her first design which won the first award at Gioiello Comunicazione international contest in Italy “A symbolic jewelry toprotestviolence against women”, a unique and limited-edition cuff named “The Rebirth of Lotus”.

She mainly works on contemporary wearables and design objects, mostly architecture-inspired. All the pieces are in limited edition or one of a kind.


Where are you originally fromand where are you based?

I was born in Tehran, Iran and I moved to Italy in 2008.
After studying Industrial Design in Tehran I decided to move to Italy to complete my education in design and engineering at Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino.

Tell us about your brand?

The combination of the two cultures, the one where I come from and the one where I live in,created a strong identity for my products.I decided to create unconventional wearable designs, with unusual materials and colors which express clearconcepts.
Unconventional and contemporary but approachable: this is exactlyhow I think women want to dress today.

Most influential person in your life?

It might sound cliché, but I say my partner. He is the most supportive person in my life, he helps me to go further in the difficult moments. He is so critic when I want to know his real opinion but at the same time so reassuring in critical moments. Since he left an important role to follow his dream job, he gave me more motivation to insist on what I want.

What is your favorite flavor of your city?

An artisanal Panettone.

Best recommendations for your city; Favorite dinner/Brunch/cocktails/ secret location

Sitting in the old Milanese pastry shops or bars and enjoy my Saturday Italian breakfast far from chaotic areas.
A good aperitif on the rooftops of Milan to enjoy the city panorama.

What are your life essentials—What do you carry with you at all time?

My iPhones, my Smurf keychain, MyCity Tehran & Napoli rings

Tried and true methods against creative block?

" Travelling, gardening, drawing and sitting in a bar while watching daily life of people that pass by or talk with a stranger at the table next to me."

Favorite cities? Why?

I can’t say because I haven’t visited the whole world yet. I liked most of the places I have visited and lived in, till now. Because each of them had a special character that the other one didn’t have.

Favorite drinks?

Redwine& Vermouth

Likes: Mountains, lakes, spa, being alone, silence, a romantic dinner, black tea, cheese (except goat cheeses), Persian bread “Sangak”, “ Babà al rum” and so many other things.
Dislikes: Negative people, judgmental people, bureaucracy, war, violence, flue and migraines.

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