Interview // Oil by Olive

Oil by olive rejects labeling and the obstruction of individuality. We strive to create pieces for anyone, anywhere.

AA: Introduce yourself and your work? 

O: My name is Olive, founder and head designer of OIL by Olive.

AA: What is the main inspiration behind your work?

O: The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.

AA: What is it like be a designer in this current climate?

 "It’s getting colder outside, so I’ve taken up knitting."

AA: What direction is fashion heading? 

O: I don’t really know, I wasn’t paying attention.

AA: Why Berlin?

O: Cause I can’t yet afford Tokyo.

AA: Describe your brand's model customer.(Who are they) 

O: I would love for all my customers to be models, and for all models to be my customers.

AA: Are collaborations important you? If so who would you want to collaborate with? 

O: BVG - just love the patterns they use.

AA: How do you feel about the need to be present in social media? Does it ruin creativity? 

"I get inspired by people’s stupidity, so it actually boosts my creativity."

AA: Does talent still matter as much nowadays or is it just about branding? 

O: Sadly its all about money. If daddy don’t have it, find a new one. 

AA: How can creativity be nurtured, what is the source of your creativity? 

O: Memes and Instagram accounts of cute animals - @jensteddydwergjes is my current favor.


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