Interview // Spitz

Here at AA- love to get to know the brains behind our brand's so here's our Q&A with Lena & Frank, the designers of new luxury pointed sneaker brand SPITZ, the dynamic duo are inspire by the photographs Dakota Gordon, like to remain ‘anonymous’ by putting the product always first and are ready to take over the sneaker world one toe at a time... 

AA: Introduce yourself and your work?

S: Hello, this is us and this is our work. Please try a pair of sneakers for yourself, they should do the talking.

"All sneakers will have pointed toes in future ;)"
AA: What is the main inspiration behind your work?
AA: What is it like be a designer in this current climate?
S: There are just too many of us, if everyone would stick to- and specialise - on one product -like we do now- the world would be a better place. Less crowded.
AA: What direction is fashion heading?
S:All sneakers will have pointed toes in future ;)
AA: Why Berlin?

S: We promote ‘made in Germany’ and Berlin is the fashion capital. 

AA: Describe your brand's model customer, who are they ? 
S: All different kind of women really, the sneaker has an ageless appeal, unfortunately our shoes cost quite a bit of money, due to the quality, that is the only restriction.  
AA: Are collaborations important you? If so who would you want to collaborate with?

S: Our sneaker form is offering the base shape, like a ‘canvas’ and artists can work with this quite easily. Anyone coming with interesting suggestions.

AA: How do you feel about the need to be present in social media? Does it ruin creativity?

S: Social media can stimulate creativity, but in general the existing platforms are having too much limitations.
AA: Does talent still matter as much nowadays or is it just about branding?
S: Talent always matters as it is the base for all creativity but talent is individual and a rare gift. Branding becomes important because it makes the choice for people. Brands can hire talented people, but are never ‘talented’ as such. 

AA: How can creativity be nurtured, what is the source of your creativity?
S: Everything comes from ‘the guts’, we don’t think much about it. Every once in a while one of us get’s a ‘flash’ in the head and we just make it. 

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