Interview // Studio Collect

Photography by Joke De Wilde and Alexander Popelier
Introduce yourself 
We are Studio Collect, a collective of four female jewellry designers. Since 2013 we are creating simple, yet inventive jewelry in silver, gold plated silver and 18 carat gold, often combined with semi precious gemstones, pearls, diamonds and other precious gems. Every piece is designed and handcrafted in our studio in Antwerp.
What is the inspiration behind your work
All of us have a big fascination for architecture, furniture and objects. When we design a new collection our main inspiration often comes from the work of certain architects and furniture designers.


What is it like being a designer in this current climate
There is already an enormous supply of products and brands out there, what makes it hard to stand out and reach your target audience. These days there are so many designers struggling to find a job or found their own label.Even though it’s not always easy, we feel very lucky that we found a way to make Studio Collect in to our full time job and do what we love the most every day.


What direction is fashion heading
The pace in which designers have to come up with new collections is deadly for creativity.  People became impatient and expect to see new things regularly. For small labels like Studio Collect, it’s almost impossible to meet these high expectations and design more than two collections per year. Our philosophy is to create original and qualitative pieces, it is not only about quantity and disposable designs.
Does this mean the end for labels like ours or will there be a counter reaction?
We believe and hope our clients still value originality and creativity more than seeing new pieces every time they visit our store or website.


Whose your customer
We mostly create pieces that we would love to wear ourselves, but we also keep our mothers, our friends and certain clients in mind when we design. Which is why Studio Collect appeals to many different people.Our model customer is interested in fashion, design, architecture and culture in general or is possibly a creative person herself.


Photography by Joke De Wilde and Alexander Popelier
Are collaborations important you? If so who would you collaborate with? 
This year we collaborated with ARTE ANTWERP, a men’s clothing label. Together we’ve created a unisex collection that is sold both in our store and in the ARTE ANTWERP store. It’s refreshing to work together with other people; it gives you new and different perspectives on certain things. This was a very educational experience and we would definitely do it again in the future. The reason why Studio Collect is a collective of four people is also because we value each other’s opinions & talents and see it as a huge asset to be able to work together as opposed to working alone.If we would collaborate again with a different label or designer it does not have to be limited to jewelry alone, sunglasses, shoes or interior objects would be interesting as well.


Social media? Does it ruin creativity?
Nowadays it’s almost unthinkable not to be present on social media. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to communicate with your customers and followers. It gives people a quick view of the style and atmosphere of Studio Collect. Currently we are active on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Because finding out what you’re working on and what you design became more accessible, we do believe it encourages copying, even if it happens unwittingly, which is an unfortunate side effect.


Talent and the importance of branding
The importance of branding is big nowadays, especially because the options and possibilities became much wider than they used to be. It is obvious that brands use these tools to their advantage. Sadly some labels or designers became successful because of the right marketing approach and not because of their talent.On the other hand, if you are talented it is also important that people get to know what you do. In that case we think there’s nothing wrong with using marketing to reach your goal. 
How can creativity be nurtured and what is the source of your creativity
Our creativity is nurtured by doing research, going to museums, watching movies, visiting a building, going on city trips and just by being surrounded by creative people. Keeping your eyes open at all times and being open to new experiences is extremely important to get inspired.