Interview // Urban Olive Design

Urban Olive Design is an independent and experimental art project based in Berlin, Germany since 2015.

The creations of URBAN OLIVE DESIGN are a series of wearable sculptures that aim to go beyond and experiment with new ways to experience art.

Chiara Vignudelli and Giulio Giustini brought their professional and artistic experiences together for their mission to challenge conventions and bring art, architecture and design in a unique world. Innovation and the research of forms and materials meet exacting quality standards in every handmade piece of the Urban Olive collection, who does not make jewelry but indomitable sculptures.

All the creations are handmade by Chiara and Giulio in the Urban Olive Studio in Berlin; they nurture each piece from ideation to execution. Their continuous stream of ideas and inspiration develops into new insightful and rule-breaking artworks that are regularly added to their collection.

When your project was born and what are your backgrounds?

URBAN OLIVE DESIGN is an independent art project co-founded by an italian duo in Berlin in 2015. Actually our background is in the art world; Giulio Giustini is an independent self-taught artist, grown in a special countryside area in Umbria, his work is in constantly evolution moved by curiosity to experiment with different styles and materials reinterpreting these with splashes of color. And I, Chiara Vignudelli, am a photographer, I was born in Rome, and always the environment influenced my works as the people of my life.

How did the URBAN OLIVE DESIGN project begin?

At the beginning our collaboration was focus to realize artworks combined our different knowledge and experience but we always had a common love for fashion and innovation, so the paintings clothing were born for ourselves. When we moved to Berlin we understood that maybe here we could carry on also this other part of creativities, so URBAN OLIVE DESIGN born as evolutionary experiment. The life here in Berlin brings our interest on the regular and concrete architecture and so that we mixed the different aspects to create the wearable sculptures.


Can you talk about one of the main results obtained?

URBAN OLIVE DESIGN is a style project closely related to our artistic background: materials experimentation, search and aesthetic result. For us the big revolution is that we can create wearable artwork and sculpture contacting a wider audience that can buy and wear our creations to live unique experience.

What are your major influences?

We are influenced from our background and from the surrounding environment. We also are really focusing on the new materials and innovation in every kind, it doesn't have to be something related to our world of belonging, but everything that looks forward to the future, which is obviously sustainable.

So what materials do you work with?

At the beginning we started to work with brass and aluminum to create squared rings. After few year here the city completely start to be part of our creations so we started to experiment with concrete and minimal design, after than we also opening our studio to materials that wasn’t usually used in Jewelry to give the project more connection with art. Now with the last collection OLTRE we decided to come back to the origin of Jewelry and get in traditional materials as Silver with contemporary design. We are on a constantly moving wave and materials are part of this flow.