Interview // Valeria Rossini

Lorenzo and Valeria are brother and sister but of different age, sex, zodiacal signs, and character. She is as extrovert and volcanic as he is thoughtful and quiet.

They have both developed a special approach to shapes and an interest in the
material object: Lorenzo in the architecture, Valeria in gems. In common they have a ‘physical’ art: analog photography and jewelry making.

Without ever speaking of their respective works and performing at different times and along parallel paths, linearity and minimalism made their creations "familiar."

The project "Cemento" combines Lorenzo's Polaroids and Valeria's jewels, which are inspired by the lines of the photographs, in an overlapping dialogue of materials and shapes."

Where are you originally from?
V e L: We’re from Verona a mid-sized city in the north of Italy

Where are you based and What brought you there?

V: After living in Milan during my university studies, I came back to live in Verona because I feel deeply rooted in this city and I love all its aspects.

L: I live in Venice. At first, I moved here to work and study, but now it has become a second home to me.

What are your life essentials—What do you carry with you at all time?

V: A black A5 sized Moleskine, a thin pointed pen, and a roll of tape to attach the things I find interesting to it.

L: Not much, my camera and a pack of licorice candies.

"I have a great passion for dark wave music from the 80s, it’s the music I almost always listen to while working on my projects."

Tell us your daily rituals: Weekday vs weekend

V: No matter what day it is, I like to get up early and as a first thing read the news. Have breakfast taking all the time I need and, when I can, end my workday with a beer at a bar.

L: There’s no big difference between weekends and the rest of the week: have a nice walk (I’ve been in Venice for a while and it’s always breathtaking) stay outdoors as much as I can and read the newspaper.

Most influential person in your life?

V: My friend Rosalba, an amazing cook that lives and works in a small village in Algarve.

L: The only people that have interested me enough to study their lives, systematically watch all their interviews and read about them as much as I could are Fabrizio De Andrè, Tom Waits and Gregg Popovich.

What are some inspirational things: designs, artists, music, sites that you find yourself re-visiting often?

V: I have a great passion for dark wave music from the 80s, it’s the music I almost always listen to while working on my projects. Visually I have very big pinboards where I save all the minimalist inspiration images I’ve collected during the years. I still use today as a source for my brainstorming.

L: The foundation of my education is the Italian school of landscape photography of the 80s: Ghirri, Jodice, Basilico; the neorealist literature and the historical documentaries of the 1900s.

Tried and true methods against creative block?

V: Observing projects that have nothing to do with the type of object you’re trying to create to distract your brain completely from the final result you’re trying to reach.

L: Think about what you want to do and not about what you should do. If you like to cook, read, do sports, or anything else just do that and you will find great ideas for your work as well.

"My favorite city is Marrakech, because for me it's a cradle of happy memories, it feels timeless and from there the space around you seems infinite."


Like: gray days, wallpaper in old houses, the spontaneous growth of things
Dislike: desserts that are too sweet, loud noises, excessive precision
Like: historical documentaries, basket, and tabú (my favorite licorice candies)
Dislike: crowded places

Favorite cities? Why?
V: Marrakech, because for me it’s a cradle of happy memories, it feels timeless and from there the space around you seems infinite.
L: The city of Porto. They live a full life and they have a confused and layered architecture. I’ve always thought them to be interesting and stimulating.

Favorite Drinks?
V: Tom Collins

L: Old Fashioned