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Milanova Studio - Earrings

What's your earliest memory of Jewellery making? 

My grandmother is a tailor, I remember as a teenager playing with little fabric scraps taken from her and making brooches and earrings. Later on I made my first proper jewellery piece in a small atelier in West Berlin, where I also learned how to goldsmith.

 How did you know this was different to other hobbies? 

I felt it immediately after making my first piece, that this is something that could become my dream job. Being able to create my own product from the idea to the final physical result was a very convincing concept for me. 


Milanova Studio - Earrings

 When did you decide to pursue Jewellery making as a career? - How did friends and family members respond to that decision? 

After creating my first collection I slowly started to introduce it to my friends. I got very positive and supportive feedback. Somehow they were not surprised that I followed this path, after seeing how I worked before and knowing well my passion for fine projects.

Did you feel confident or out of depth when starting out? 

It all came down to curiosity. Somehow I knew exactly how my jewellery was gonna look before even starting to make it. The idea was there, my experience with fine arts and sculpture gave me the ability to express myself in pretty confident way. 

What would you change about the industry you work in?

The jewellery industry, like every fashion related industry, still has lots of room for improvement in the supply chain/sourcing section. For me, as a creator and vendor, it’s important to deliver a product of the highest quality to the customer. With our planet being overloaded by excessive products, I feel obligated to maintain the production by following all the respectful rules for nature & human rights. What I would change would definitley be more sufficient accessibility to  high standard supplies, with no harmful procedures.

Have any relationships been hindered by your work?

Thankfully I’ve never had the chance to experience that.

What advice would you give to young creatives starting out?

Like in every creative field, there will be a moment of burn out, especially when you’re starting as a one person company. I would definetly suggest to take everything as a lesson, work on your self confidence and be aware of the obstacles so you wont let anything surprise you in the least expected moment.


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If you could go back in time and choose a different line of work, would you?
I would most probably start it all with a parter, collaboration maybe. There’s just a very different dynamic when there’s a bigger team working with the same goals. It’s very much visible in the final result. 

Why did you leave your home town?

I grew up in a small city south Warsaw. As a creative person you need to be a good observator, for that you need new scenarios, people, stories, shapes and forms. It was a natural step for me, to be able to grow and stay inspired.
Are you happy with where you are in your career?

I feel very happy with where i am at the moment. I also feel like I'm ready to expand Milanova Studio and open my eyes for new collaborations, projects, challenges. 

Milanova Studio - EarringsMilanova Studio - Box Chain Collection S RingsMilanova Studio - Silver Snake RingMilanova Studio - Bangle

What would you like to improve on this year, in both your personal and work life?

I definetly need to get back to traveling! I’ve already made a full list of countries to see and explore, learning new techniques, taking new photos, building a stronger portfolio. 

What about yourself are you most proud of?

After 2020? That I’m still on the surface and can proudly say that I’m ready to get back into a normal life again. In general, Im proud of staying strong in pursuing a passion, it’s a really exciting journey in my professional life.

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