Interview // Metal Atelier

Metal Atelier is the mark under which New York Artist Anna Butwell has been making jewelry, art, and object since 2012. In 2017, Anna emigrated to Berlin and joined Volksluxus, a goldsmith collective and art gallery in Kreuzberg. In this time, she has had work dispalyed in the Museum of Decorative Arts (Kunstgewerber Museum), and at AKA Berlin. 

Metal Atelier explores a perception of beauty that is imperfect and transient- essentially Japanese Wabi Sabi- with a modern punk rock aesthetic. Ideas and patterns from the natural world have been co-opted in fashion for generations. I extrapolate these ideas into small scale metal work, creating updated pieces based on age old techniques. All of her collections are left slightly rough, showing the imperfections of the hand of the maker.


What are your life essentials. What do you carry with you at all time?

Red lipstick, because you never know where the day will take you, a proper
BIC lighter, and a Parker pen.

Who was your most previous text/call to and what about?

A friend asking me if I won the Lotto with the ticket she bought me. I
haven’t checked yet.

Last meal you would eat?
Veggie Sushi


Most influential person in your life?

My best friend of 15 years, Courtney. She is the epitome of a true
Renaissance Woman.

Tried and true methods against creative block?

Reviewing old notebooks for uncompleted ideas. When that fails- knowing
when to walk away, probably to the bar, and revisiting the next day with a
clearer head.



What are some inspiration things, designs, artists, music, sites that you
find yourself revisiting often?

The beauty and chaos of natural animal prints, Diane Arbus, Weegee,
Joan Jett

If you could have 3 people over for dinner, dead or alive, who would you

John Waters, Bruce Dickinson (lead singer of Iron Maiden) and Rosie the

Favorite cities? Why?

New York- It’s my first home and first love
Berlin- It’s my second home
Bogota- Great art, strong coffee, lovely humans

Favorite drinks?

Espresso in the morning, Vodka in the evening


Likes: The color black, red roses, Bourbon
Dislikes: Snow, Hello Kitty, Single Malt