Design Scene Magazine Part 1

A new exclusive portrait and Interview series featuring our various artist's and designers. In charge of photography was Alan Bayer, with styling from Maya Chan, and production by AA-Collected.

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Necklace - Susanne Hammer / Dress - Marcel Ostertag 

Model - Alicia Kerryn Young
South African born ‘Young Alice’ creates Contemporary pop art & illustration featuring a menagerie of abstract creatures.

"If you could describe your aesthetic in three words, what would they be?
Bright, minimal and graphic."

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Necklace - Claudia Steiner / Ring - Mies Nobis / Shirt - Marcel Ostertag 

Model - Ayman Al-Jarbou
Ayman is a contemporary craftsman and designer specializing in leather goods.

"I want the items I produce to communicate to the respondent ‘look at me. feel me in your hands. I am a part of your life now. Don’t compromise. Fill your life with things like me’."

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Necklace - Neon Zinn

Model - Jean-Luc 
Jean-Luc is a self-taught German artist living in Vienna. Jean-Luc‘s art is a colorful reaction to his environment.

"What kind of an impact do you want to make with your art?
Reach everybody and drive a change in arts and in the world’s society."

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