Design Scene Magazine Part 2

The second installment of our portrait and interview series featuring various Viennese artists and local and international jewellery designers. In charge of photography was Alan Bayer, with styling from Maya Chan, and production by AA-Collected.

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Necklace - Lassy Fair  / Rings - Mies Nobis / Earrings - MISASSEMBLED / Blazer - Nehera

Model - 
Sarah Bzoch

Sarah Bzoch is an international freelance hair and makeup artist, based in Vienna.

"What advice would you give to young artists starting out?
BE AUTHENTIC, don’t change your approach to gain sales, popularity or acceptance."

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Look 1: Cuff - Gena Tudor / Necklace - Karin Furst / Dress - Nehera

Look 2: Necklace - Alison Brown / Rings - Mies Nobis / Dress - Nehera


Model - Virginia Lui

Virginia Lui is an artist, social-designer and researcher based in Vienna. Lui’s works pivots between design – mostly for social innovation – public art and theory.

"The role of artists is to critically reflect on today’s society and create aesthetics that mirror and comment on our world. Through different artistic mediums, they unravel hidden meanings about the world and make the invisible visible."

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 Look 1: Brooch - Iro Kaskani / Shirt - FIN

Look 2: Brooch - Adriana Almeida Meza / Shirt - FIN

Model - Nicolas Jerry 

Legend Jerry is an ex-banker, Bostonian but Austria based turned software engineer / developer, underground hip-hop artist, lyricist & writer.

"What inspires you?
The short answer is: my predicaments and the setting that I grew up in and the self-motivated positive changes that happened all throughout." 

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