Design Scene Magazine Part 3

The final installment of our portrait and interview series featuring several artists and works from various jewellery designers. In charge of photography was Alan Bayer, with styling from Maya Chan, and production by AA-Collected.

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Rings - ELIRD  /  Jacket - La Lica  / Necklace - STUDIO MËGĀDEŠK

Model - 
Samira Dezaki:

No matter how cloudy last night’s memory gets the next day, you’ll remember Samira Dezaki. Not only does she aim to create killer flows, Samira Dezaki is also an exotic pole dancer, lowkey contortionist and starts twerking every chance she gets.


"What kind of an impact do you want to make with your art?
Honestly I’m just doing this for myself, I want to one day be someone my 8-year old self would admire. I hope to inspire all the other “weird kids” and misfits to live their truth as well."

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Necklace - Daixa Somed  / Kimono - Nehera


Model - Ellend:

Ellend was born in the early 80’s in Lower Austria but moved to Vienna at the age of five where he then grew up. He mostly works with glass and light, creating illuminated and fragile pictures and objects.

"Aesthetics: fragile, minimalistic, abstract"

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Earring - Daixa Somed / Bangle - Mies Nobis / Dress - Nehera
Model - Hanna Kuchlerova:
The borderline between fiction and reality blurs in the picturesque works of Hana Kuchlerova. 
" What advice would you give to young artists starting out?
Art is not modern, Art is always (favorite saying of my teacher)"