Interview // Andy @iheartberlin

I've been a part of I Heart Berlin team for four years now. I'm the intern who never left! I'm also involved in creative projects such as London-based party series and queer collective OPULENCE. I'm writing articles, interview features, and columns about life in Berlin with a focus on queer and nightlife stories.  

Photographer: @lovisworld Model: @ando_stagram / Ring: TUKOA by Turquoise Maisonneuve / Fragrance: Abel Odor  / This is FRED - Black Paper Bag Short / Necklace: IAAI / Earring(left) Milanova Studio  / Harness: Marco Scaiano / Chain Bracelet (model’s own) 

Where are you originally from and what brought you to Berlin?

I'm originally from the West of Germany, close to Cologne by the dutch border.
Berlin was a cliché love at first sight for me.
I was 12 when I first visited – back then, I didn't experience any of what I love about Berlin these days. Still, I knew, she is the one for me. And, I never regretted that choice. 

"Berlin was a cliché love at first sight for me."


What is your favorite place (restaurant, cafe, bar, etc.) in Berlin and why?

I mean, that's kinda like asking a movie critic "What's your favorite movie" :D –the answer is endless. I've become quite a foodie in recent years, and Iove to see how Berlin's food scene is evolving: experimenting with styles, cultures, and tastes, not only when it comes to culinary but also interior design. Berlin ain't grandma's old sofa and a few pallets no more! Places like Shishi, HeimlichTreu, or TISK are definitely on my list of faves. 
And as a dancefloor enthusiast, you'll be sure to find me in between enormous speakers and glaring lights whenever I can. When I go out, I'm more industrial rave chic, circus vibes by the water – that should be enough clues, I guess...

"The answer is endless."


What essential item do you carry with you at all times?

I'd love to say: My notebook and I write melancholic poems on the Ubahn – but no. It's probably my oversized fanny to carry the essentials of the day around while looking cute and fashionable. 

 Do you have an everyday ritual?

Sleeping in too long. Jumping out of bed. Hectically running to the bathroom. 

"Telling everyone I'll be there in 10. Being there in 30. "


Photographer: @lovisworld Model: @ando_stagram / Ring: TUKOA by Turquoise Maisonneuve / Fragrance: Abel Odor  / Shorts: This is FRED / Necklace: IAAI / Earring(left) Milanova Studio  / Harness: Marco Scaiano / Chain Bracelet (model’s own) 
What project or plan of yours are you most looking forward to in the near future?

Honestly, Miss Corona has put everything kinda on hold. So, I just wanna be around people and dance again! But, my party series OPULENCE has started online events on Twitch and Zoom. So we can dance together through Isolation. Come join us, if you want some techno.

"So, I just wanna be around people and dance again! "


Who is the most influential person in your life?

Tough one. I don't like to put so much pressure and expectations on one single person. I think, my closest friends, the people who have stayed with, and supported me for years are the biggest inspiration to me. We are all united by a sense of ambition and kindness that keeps me on track. 

Photographer: @lovisworld Model: @ando_stagram / Necklace: IAAI / Earring(left) Milanova Studio  / Harness: Marco Scaiano / 

What are your tried and true methods against creative block?

Eat chocolate? I guess, I never force myself to do something when I am just not feeling it. I just start doing something else, turn the music up, open the windows, chat with a friend. The creative project can come back another time. 

I never force myself to do something when I am just not feeling it.

What designers, artists, musicians, or places inspire you?

I don't have a top list – it's more a collective inspiring queer stream of consciousness that I try to surround myself with through social media, personal encounters, club nights, or a day listening through discographies on Spotify. Queer history and present are full of inspiring people, thinkers, movers, and shakers – I try to take it all in and find my place in it.