Interviews // Franzi @iheartberlin

Photographer: @lovisworld Model: @essenceofboho /Jacket: M’y Art / Choker: IAAI / Earrings: Gina Melosi / Ring: Sibilla Santucci / Bra: Anekdot / Leggings : (model’s own) 

Where are you originally from and what brought you to Berlin?

A rare breed these days, but I am originally from Berlin and grew up in Steglitz. I went abroad to live in different countries in the past years, but am guilty of loving my hometown so much, that I never want to truly leave.


"Loving my hometown so much"


What is your favorite place (restaurant, cafe, bar, etc.) in Berlin and why? 

That changes yearly! At the moment I am in love with Heinrichplatz on the Oranienstraße, as I work there and call it my second home. The busy colorful streets, the Kiez-y vibe, and the many places to go to get a beer after work inspire me.

"The many places to go to get a beer after work inspire me"

Photographer: @lovisworld Model: @essenceofboho /Jacket: M’y Art /Choker: IAAI / Earrings: Gina Melosi // Ring: Sibilla Santucci / Bra: Anekdot / Beauty Face Mask: Merme / Leggings : (model’s own) 

What essential item do you carry with you at all times?

To disconnect from the world around me sometimes, I carry my headphones with me where ever I go. That way I am always able to listen to music or podcasts.


Do you have an everyday ritual?

So as soon as I wake up, I turn on the coffee machine, take a shower, froth my milk and sit in the sun drinking my frothy morning coffee. 

What project or plan of yours are you most looking forward to in the near future?

We are currently planning a video format to go live on the iHeartBerlin blog and facebook page this summer, that I am really looking forward to!

Who is the most influential person in your life?


"My mother, I love and trust her like no other person in my life"

Photographer: @lovisworld Model: @essenceofboho /Jacket: M’y Art /Choker: IAAI / Ring: Sibilla Santucci / Bra: Anekdot


What are your tried and true methods against creative block?

It helps to leave the current situation you’re in. Changing the scenery in which you have developed the feelings of being creatively stuck, may it be your room or co-working space, will create new input for your brain and change your thoughts around. 

What designers, artists, musicians, or places inspire you?

Honestly, I am very connected and inspired by 90s pop-rock artists like The Verve, Oasis, Nirvana, and U2. This is the kind music I am feeling most moved by lately, as they have accompanied me since my early childhood. 

"I'm very connected and inspired by 90s pop-rock artists"