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Kendra @kendrastormrae is a fashion + beauty photographer originally from Canada, her German partner Arne is a Photographer + Videographer @triplesixrae

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Where have you come from and where are you based, What brought you here?

Kendra - I am from Canada. I came to Germany because it was a place which was supportive of artists.

Arne - I am from Germany. I always dreamed of living in Berlin.

What is your favourite thing about your home, what makes a home?

Kendra - The bed, it is so comfortable and I never really want to get out of it. I just love sleeping.

Arne - Our studio. It is my creative paradise.

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What is your favourite home activity?

Kendra - Cooking or bring at my computer

Arne - Making art, playing with images or creating images and making music

Who was your most previous text/call to and what about?

Kendra - A client to talk about their images

Arne - Music producer about planning a photo-shoot

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Tell us your daily rituals: Morning/Evening

Every morning we enjoy a coffee together, after that breakfast and then we spend most of the day working and creating. Dinner time is also a big highlight.

Kendra - I went to chef school before becoming a photographer. We are also vegan so it is always exciting to experiment with dinner and create new dishes.

What do your days look like, Weekday vs weekend

Art, creativity, laughing, biking and munching on food. Maybe seeing friends.

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What is your plan for today, this week and this year?

Arne - Buy food, retouching images, create new images for a project that I am currently working on.

This year the goal is for me to shoot some big names in the techno and house scene.

Kendra - I have appointments today and retouching images, planning photo-shoot. This week the goal is to get caught up on all my work.

The year goal would be to create as many images as possible.

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Most influential person in your life?

Arne - Granny

Kendra - Mom

Tried and true methods against creative block?

We do not have this problem.

Your simple yet inspiring things in life are:

Stay positive, stay busy, stay creative

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Dislikes: being lazy

Likes: motivation, gratitude