Home Stories // Laura & Arnaud

French born Laura @knoops is a Graphic designer + Creative director.

Her partner in work + Life 
Photographer + Director Arnaud @arnaud.ele is born in Cameroon but spent most of his life traveling.

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Where have you come from and where are you based, What brought you here?

Laura was born in France from Belgian and Swiss parents.

Arnaud was born in Cameroon and came to France when he was 6 years old, and he moved to Switzerland when he was a teenager.

We are based in Berlin.

Laura came to Berlin 8 years ago, for two months of freelance mission in a graphic design studio, and she is still based here!

Arnaud is living in Berlin since 3 years, he came to Berlin the summer we met and we both decided to live together and became Berliners.

Rings @miesnobis 
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What is your favorite thing about your home, what makes a home?

The sun shining in the morning, through the window, both in our bedroom and kitchen. Starting the day with this light makes you feel home. And the days when there is no sun, especially in winter, we definitely doubt that we can stay Berliner all our life. But we are still here!

What is your favourite home activity?

Chasing and playing with our two cats, Fuji and Kodak.


"We met and we both decided to live together and became Berliners."


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Who was your most previous text/call to and what about?

A ‘good night’ to our team. We are currently going back to an ambitious production with a tiny crew for a music video, and spending long days writing and organising the three days of shooting with our collaborators. 

Tell us your daily rituals: Morning/Evening

We definitely have a daily ritual for the morning, but not the evening!

Arnaud is waking up earlier than Laura, and bringing her the coffee in bed. But that can happen that it is the other way around! We are always: 1. Feeding the cats 2. doing the coffee and bringing it to the other one

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What do your days look like, Weekday vs weekend

No difference! Our weeks depends of the workload. It is always changing and we love that. The last weeks, quiet with the pandemic, we have been trying to stay quiet for our Sundays and go for a long walk.

What is your plan for today, this week and this year?

Love each other, give the best of us, respect the people with whom we work, enjoy what we do, live from it and to not regret our choices.

Ring : @_cthruit ‘Ring Sphere’
Ring : @_cthruit ‘Ring’
Linen : @dreamonhome.eu Linen Bedding Set ‘Brown’

Most influential person in your life?

Each other, and our families.
Arnaud: Guy Bourdin, Luis Buñuel
Laura: April Greiman, Oskar Fischinger 

Tried and true methods against creative block?

Taking breaks, going outside in the nature, cuddle cats!

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Your simple yet inspiring things in life are:

Landscapes: mountain, lakes, sea, islands.


Like: the Berlin summer

Dislike: the Berlin winter

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