Home Stories // Nadira & Simon

Nadira @nadirataniaa is originally from Indonesia and a full-time Social Media Manager and freelance photographer. Her German partner Simon is a Software Engineer

LEFT - Bed linen : @dremonhome.eu  Bedding Set ‘White
Earrings : @ginamelosijewellery  ‘WRAPPED Stud’ Earrings
Ring (left) : @miesnobis ‘Pared’ Ring
Ring (right) : @ginamelosijewellery  ‘CHIPPED’ Unisex Ring
RIGHT - Ring : @miesnobis ‘Solmu’ Ring

Where have you come from and where are you based, What brought you here?

Germany and Indonesia
Currently based in Berlin

What is your favorite thing about your home, what makes a home?

Our Serif TV, we love binge watching TV series and movies
Home: heart, comfort, safe

Earrings : @ginamelosijewellery  ‘WRAPPED Stud’ Earrings
Ring : @miesnobis ‘Solmu’ Ring

Bra : @anekdotboutique
Top : @thisis_fred ‘Mesh Twin Peak Top’

What is your favourite home activity?

Some of our favorite at home activities are: cooking, eating, reading, binge watching tv shows and movies, caring for plants and flowers, or just staying productive and being creative

Who was your most previous text/call to and what about?

We always call our parents regularly, that’s our preferred method of keeping in touch

Ring (left) : @miesnobis ‘Pared’ Ring
Ring (right) : @ginamelosijewellery  ‘CHIPPED’ Unisex Ring
Scarf : @randomwalk_scarves ‘Noise’ Scarf

Tell us your daily rituals: Morning/Evening

Wake up, Drink a glass of water and turmeric drink, Exercise, Shower, Skincare routine, Breakfast, Check e-mails and texts, Wfh, Lunch, Daily walk, Wfh, Eat dinner, Shower, Watching movies or reading a book, Sleep.

What do your days look like, Weekday vs weekend

Either just stay home, relax and watch movies or actually do something productive

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Ring (overhead) : @miesnobis ‘Solmu’ Ring
Ring (left) : @miesnobis ‘Pared’ Ring
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Bath towel : @dreamonhome.eu ‘Rice Beige’ Bath Towel
Bed linen : @dremonhome.eu  Bedding Set ‘White

What is your plan for today, this week and this year?

We thought we’d travel more this year... But corona had plans for we all. Lol

Most influential person in your life?

Nadira: Mom
Simon: Elon Musk

Tried and true methods against creative block?

Visit exhibitions, Take a walk in nature, Travel, Self-care, Be around creative people

Earrings : @ginamelosijewellery  ‘WRAPPED Stud’ Earrings

Ring  : @miesnobis ‘Solmu’ Ring
Bath towel : @dreamonhome.eu ‘Rice Beige’ Bath Towel

Beauty : @mermeberlin ‘Facial Calming Mist’

Your simple yet inspiring things in life are:

Watch movies. Read books. People watch. Travel to other countries. That is actually one of the most inspiring things for us.


Likes: Being content, Movies, Music, Food, Cats, Travel, Sports
Dislikes: Bad food, Racism, Ignorant people

Ring  : @miesnobis ‘Solmu’ Ring
Ring (left, overhead) : @sibillasantucci_jewellery ‘Silver’ Ring
Ring (left) : @ginamelosijewellery  ‘CHIPPED’ Unisex Ring
Ring (right) : @miesnobis ‘Pared’ Ring