In April of this year, we had the great opportunity to fly to Vilnius, Lithuania.We attended Mados Infekcija Festival, that you can translate in English by Fashion Infection. Launched in 1999, this event has become one of the most prominent festival of fashion and culture. The event put a light on new emerging talents from Lithuania and abroad ! We were amazed by the originality and sometimes eccentricity of those youngsters.

Those who do not shout out loud but always have something to say are welcomed here. We do not present posh brands, but interesting oddities and eccentric upstarts whose ideas do not always receive the immediate recognition of the nation." - Mados Infekcijos Team

A little time was needed for the infection to spread ! Let us present you our favourite crush.Words by Inès Chami.

Images curtesy of the official photographers.



This label was created by an explosive duo, Viktorija Rosenberg and Paulius Leonas. Their "I WON" collection sat itself apart from the others by its audacity ! Claiming the pursuit of their dreams, authenticity and exclusivity they offered strong pieces. The unusual shapes, vivid colours and crazy cadence of the models seduced us and seemed to be a call out for bravery and boldness. 



All pieces of this great collection were made in collaboration with Irakli Rusadze, creative director of "Situationist" - special guest of Milan Fashion Week earlier this year. The fashion label is highly influenced by the post-Soviet vibe as well as the modern Georgian reality. Two words to perfectly define this promising winter collection : functionality and quality ! 



Smooth Confess is the union of two creative forces who propose alternative and original pieces. We fall in love with this modern and playful collection made out the trendiest material of the season : latex. 
A. Jancauskaite, designer, explained :

"I started experimenting with latex while studying design in London. At first, I had to face a skepticism - many did not believe that it was possible to combine latex and other materials, but it was admitted that certain design solutions allow the creation of functional products and create a completely new, alternative latex wearing context."

Successful bet, congratulation !




Sandra Straukaitė is one of the most prominent fashion designers in Lithuania but divide the audience in two. Some will vividly criticise her perspective on fashion, judging irrelevant the concept of clothes without sizes. On the other hand, some will greet her creativity and applause the way she stands for her ideas. Her collection offers strong pieces that challenge the established ideas of what fashion should be ! We loved her vision of fashion as an art.