JADE HELEN DESIGNS SHOW // Fashion Re-Evolution

Berlin Alternative Fashion Week was cancelled 1.5 weeks before show time with no explanation. All of the designers were already in berlin, the Founder Annelies Kietselaer of MIMIK art magazine and fashion designers Marco Enrico Scaiano and Eladio Torres put together a platform for the designers to show case there latest collections all in under 1.5 weeks called FASHION RE:EVOLUTION the first volume and hopefully more to come.

We had the opportunity of witnessing one of the participating designers Jade Helen Designs show, check it out! 

Photography by Kowa Berlin.

" It is amazing what a group of creative minds can pull together in such short notice, it shows the true passion and love for what we are doing and why we do it"

Jade Helen 

 Her collection is yet another boutique collection, as usual limited to an exclusive selection this time with 16 looks. This collection was called 'Shadow Rose'. Perlensaue accompanied on the runway creating fetishy harness & crown accessories for the show. The show opened with two dancers dancing in light bodysuits created especially, this is the second show that has opened with a dance performance emphasising the labels close link to performance and art.

Photography via Kowa Berlin & Peter E. Reiche


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