Last week we were invited to experience Feeric Fashion Week in the picturesque town of Sibiu, Romania. The event now in its 10th edition functions as a platform for emerging avant garde fashion designers to showcase to an international media audience including Schön Magazine, Fucking Young magazine and Elle Italy. Feeric boasts an explosion of genres from local & international designers and offers the opportunity to showcase in a plethora of offbeat locations, from boats and train stations to candy factories. This creates a show not to be forgotten while utilizing the back drops to create onsite lookbook material for the participants.
Read on to discover our favourites of the week!
Words by Sandy Yu, images courtesy of Feeric Fashion Week.
TSCOF New talents; 8IGB, Mimikra, Andrada Bodea & Boryana Petrova
The Secret Code of Fashion teamed up with Feeric Fashion Week to feature a stunning array of new talents, selected by Myra Postolache of Vogue Talents. Set against a rocky quarry that was a far cry from the heavily made up, pristine surroundings of traditional fashion shows, the industrial settings contrasted beautifully with colourful textiles and avant garde silhouettes. Highlights included 8IGB’s cheeky slogans, dripping in sarcasm and innuendo, which both celebrated and mocked industry, addiction, and branding. Andrada Bodea made a striking impression on the audience with her gender-ambiguous womenswear that reminded us of mountaineering gear and bedroom bondage games with a sprinkle of Blade Runner, while Boryana Petrova’s fluorescent yellows and pale peaches inspired by microorganisms under electron microscopes successfully explored the aesthetics of technology, life, and its intersections.
Modement, Hong Kong
Hong Kong label Modement joined Feeric Fashion Week for their first show in Europe. Outdoors against blue skies and idyllic yet strange architecture, the collection featured asymmetric textures and playful details of draped fabrics and decisive knots and weaves. The variety of transparencies created from layering of different textiles gave even the simplest of silhouettes a beautiful complexity.


Charles & Ron, Malta


We joined Maltese designers Charles & Ron in an operational sweets factory, where copper tubs normally full of sugar, spun as the models showcased a variety of colorful textiles inspired by sunsets in Malta. Silks and wools featuring ornate dolphins and eight pointed crosses adorned metallic tones, lace, and wool, and there was no shortage of sparkle as ensembles featured icing in the form of handcrafted jewellery. Sweet and decadent, the eye candy of a collection worked perfectly in the industrial setting that is conducive to treats just as sugary.





Minimal To, Milan


Italian duo Minimal To stunned with their show that featured a selection from their previous four collections. Highlighting luxurious fabrics including beautiful cupro and playing with details such as exposed seams, the display stayed true to their philosophy of researched materials meet body form. Innovative designs that found perfect symbiosis between flow and structure worked well against the floral runway.


Bianca Pop, Romania


Romanian born based Bianca Popp made an impression on audiences during her show that featured seams and knots in unexpected positions. Beautifully feminine and yet with a sternness that reminds us of military utilitarianism, the array of blues and florals remarked on individuality overcoming monotony, paralleling the designer’s own history.