Earlier in the month we were invited to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Istanbul, which was an eye opening experience and we were blown away with the calibre and creativity of the runway presentations featuring some of Turkeys more  experienced designers such as Arzu Kaprol, Atıl Kutoğlu, Özgür Masur, Özlem Süer, Raşit Bağzıbağlı, and Zeynep Tosun along with newcomers including AGA, Giovane Gentile, Mehmet Korkmaz, Şiyar Akboğa, and Ümit Kutluk.

Check out our review of our favourite shows below, words & images by Stephania Castan & edited by Konstantin Stell. 


The Bashaques’ SS18 collection by the young designer Başak Cankeş was one of our favorite shows at Zorlu Center Istanbul. With a colourful SS18 collection where the combination of minimalism and colour were the main aspects of these beautiful designs; Ümit Kutluk creates timeless luxury with a focus on elegant embroidered details, the loose lightly done hair & make up complimented the styling perfectly.


From Istanbul, Besiktas is a men’s firm that presents collections with unique yet wearable design proving popular with the local men. Their SS18 collection showcased preppy casuals, nice looking boys and a good variety of prints & fabrics. Menswear well done.


With the statement “Wearable art” we experienced Bashaques SS18 collection mixing dance, scenography and fashion. We witnessed an amazing performance on the runway show called “Funeral of love”. Basak Cakes the creator of Bashaques’ aims have been to inspire not only women, but also all people by welcoming the inspiration of art into our lives. To accomplish their goal, the brand organizes art shows in their studio and collaborates with artists to offer a unique clothing experience.
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