We have had the great pleasure of attending the sixth Tel Aviv Fashion Week. We can not be objectives we have just fallen in love with the city, the good vibes, the perfect weather and with each of the designers we have met. We have discovered talent, enthusiasm, effort and desire in each one of them. 
Here our little review about those we choose!
Words by Almudena Segado images curtesy of the official photographers.

Photo by @izsak - ido izsak  @idocvm 


A streetwear brand designed by Anat Meshulam and Dor Chen, Shenkar graduates who’ve returned from working in high-end fashion companies abroad to take their own way. This new brand was the highlights of Tel Aviv Fashion Week  with an original show where they showed how they describe their production:  

"HOLYLAND will be our shining star leading the way…
In a society obsessed with speed and change HOLYLAND will be your peace.
Our garments are the bridge between day and night, between dreams and wakefulness, between prayer and love."




Born in 2015 by fashion designer Ilana Buhgendler. The origin of the name Мой comes from the Russian word for "mine". 
The brand’s identity fuses street style and sportswear while using Cyrillic words and puns.
The brands style combines sporty with elegance. Basic, clean straight lines and quality on the fabrics for both women and men. They offer "high street style", comfortable and soft with a glamorous twist suitable for a night out in a limited edition. Brand opposed to mass produced, allowing the use of only the best materials for each and every item created.

The current collection (FW18)’s concept was inspired by the Catholic Church,
using words like: “свобода” (meaning “freedom”), “боже мой” (meaning “oh my god”).


We have the pleasure to meet Adi Benjo, a womenswear label based in Tel Aviv, inspired by the aesthetic of contemporary minimalism, by a vision of urban chic and timeless form. Geometric shapes and clean lines appearing casually calm and relaxed to maintain a sense of ease and functionality required for lifestyle today.
The materials are carefully chosen highlighting  with black line prints that emphasise the shapes of the couture. 




Day 1. Alon LIVNE by Avi ValdmanPhoto by Avi Valdman



We could enjoy the new F/W 2018 Collection show, an exclusive collaboration of LIVNÉ STUDIO in Tel Aviv and NYC, shown fort first time ever in Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2018.
The collection is inspired by the Pop & Rock culture of the 90's and David Bowie's avant-garde performances. This collection challenges the thin line between the "feminine" and "masculine", as men's clothing is worn by women and the other way around. Standing out materials as leather, suede, plastic and steel.
Livne is concurrently building his couture line for celebrities and custom-made orders, has built a successful high-end bridal line currently selling in the some of the most prestigious bridal boutiques in the U.S and around the globe under the "LIVNE WHITE" label. 

“The silhouettes take the form of sculptured shapes and resonates a futuristic vibe.”



“Photo by Mark Segal, //  Backstage by Liya Geldman

Photo by Mark Segal, //  Backstage by Liya Geldman


Sample is a unique brand established in 2008 by the sisters Einav Zini, Sample presented her collection which combines world trends with personal interpretation while keeping the principles of quality and practicality.
The brand wishes to allow women in all ages to dress in fashionable and sexy way in both casual and evening wear. 
They use materials such as silk, special leathers, embroidery, hand made lace and more.


Many thanks to the organization and specially to Dorothee for giving us the opportunity to attend!!!


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