Earlier in the month we hosted our first POUPUP shop AA X WIEN during Vienna Fashion Week, working with local designers from Sheyn Jewellry to fun and quirky Meshit. It was a great opportunity to spread the our reach and discover the core of Viennese fashion. In our free time we managed to see and enjoyed a preview into the local designer scene.

Words by Danai Walter images curtesy of the designers.

Volgger Studio

The Volgger Studio collection challenged the idea of gender equality, confronting the gender stereotypes that are faced in modern day fashion. The pieces were sleek with a very neutral colour palette, minimal with clean lines, incorporating classics such as jeans and leather jackets. 

Diana Caramaci

Diana Camarci is a young designer from Romania, her designs embody what it means to be a strong, aware and feminine woman. Beautiful textures and patterns throughout the whole collection, with a monochrome palette, the head accessories were the icing on the cake. Diana Camarci really solidified her creativity with this collection. 


Brazilian designer Liu Iarocheksi seeks to address socio-political problems on the catwalk and dissolve old patterns. The collection pursues casual cool lines, with an air of fragility, innocence and lightness. Very elaborate fabrics were used. Various printed T-shirts were presented with thought provoking statements. 


They imagine a future that looks into the past, creating a dialogue between the two, which I believe makes their pieces quite timeless both functionally and aesthetically. Using natural materials and organic fibers through the whole collection. The show was executed very well, gave me a glance into perhaps could be the future of fashion.

Lulu Lutfi Labibi

Lulu Lutfi Labibi collection was a tribute to Indonesian culture, using traditional fabrics. The colour palette ranged form gray, pigeon blue,dark red and beige as contrast. Beautiful skirts with refined winding and a draped technique;long voluminous dresses as well as oversized tops.


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