AW19/20 Editorial in LADYGUNN MAGAZINE

New exclusive editorial, "Berlin Un-Natives" featuring pieces from our Autumn/Winter collections. Styled by Maya Chan, photographed by Donya Joshani, produced by us, and published in LADYGUNN Magazine. 
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Daisy, Scotland 
"It wouldn’t be a weekend without spending Sunday on the dance floor!"
Dress & Beanie - Cinnamon Concept / Harness & Bag - Figure of A / Sunglasses - Dress Your Mind / Rings - Mies Nobis
Harry, Australia 
"Tell us your daily rituals: Weekday vs weekend
When you have no job it’s all the same." 
Pullover - Mel Redmer / Necklace - FEMMINA Jewellery / Rings - Sade Blake / Sunglasses - Dress Your Mind
Arash, Tehran
"Define your nationality for us.
Rich and exotic"
Pullover & Pants - Mel Redmer / Rings - COALESCED / Scarf - Random Walk / Sunglasses - Dress Your Mind
Coat - Masha Maria / Necklace & Rings - FEMMINA Jewellery / Sunglasses - Dress Your Mind
Retropxssy, London 
"Berlin to me has been wild, sexy, hedonistic."
Sweater - Mel Redmer / Pants - Tanja Christiani / Sunglasses - Dress Your Mind
Maya, Hawaii 
"My go-to food after going out is a green smoothie to cancel out the night before."
Shirt & Coat - Tanja Christiani / Bracelet & Earrings - FEMMINA Jewellery 
Danai, Zimbabwe 
"I feel you can discover yourself in this city and not get as much judgement from your peers and people in comparison to other metropolitan type of cities." 
Coat - Masha Maria / Pants - Parsley Studios / Sunglasses - Dress Your Mind