HOME STILL HOME - A Digital Exhibition

'Home Still Home'

“The most present items in our pandemic lives, captured in an unconventional, treacherous set, showing a compiling or contrasting perceptible story for each designer's jewellery piece.
The idea is based on finding uncommon/unexpected visual pleasure in everyday objects in an experimental way; combining different, mostly non-artistic mediums. Inspiration refers to Salvador Dali's unique and humorous approach to art, reflecting the surreal time of the challenging year 2020.
As a team of jewellery designers from AA-Collected, we try to open up a creative territory that illustrates the characteristics of nowadays life of arts & craft, showing how much it is "still life - alive".

Through still image, we have built an exhibition showcasing our in-house designers jewellery. The Editorial series will feature in Current Obsessions printed publication alongside an in-store exhibition.


Milanova Studio - Box Chain Collection U RingMies Nobis - Bahar Double RingMilanova Studio - Affair Clips

Sabilla Santucci - Gold Plated EarringsSabilla Santucci - Prometheus Aarum Ring, Milanova Studio - Hoops with Flameball Baroque Pearl 


Gina Melosi - Silver Lining Ring #6Mies Nobis - Mens Textured Linea RingMies Nobis - Solmu Double Ring with Garnet

Gina Melosi - Silver Lining Ring Necklace #9Mies Nobis - Gold Linea Ring - TourmalineMies Nobis - Textured Jardin Ring

Gina Melosi - Shattered Fragments Teardrop Pendant,


Sibilla Santucci - The T Ring Gold Plated with Ruby, Sibilla Santucci - Asterope RingMies Nobis - Gold c/o Claavi Ring - Tourmaline



Photography @gracev.butler

Art Direction @objectsalive

Production @aacollected